South Carolina is among the most unhealthy states in the US. I want to fight for healthcare for every citizen  of this state.

Our governor and legislature have strongly rejected Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a result, there are about 92,000 people in the state who are in the coverage gap with no realistic access to health insurance. Those dollars would yield economic benefits for the state, and improve access to medical care, its affordability and health outcomes. 

The decision to not expand Medicaid has also led to the closure of 4 hospitals in rural counties (Bamberg, Barnwell, Fairfield, Marlboro).



 I want to increase teacher pay and invest in our school system so that we can ensure the children of SC are getting a proper education and are properly prepared for our states growing job market. 

New and innovative pathways to careers have to be introduced into SC's education system. We have to prepare our high school students to join our rapidly expanding skilled workforce and also aid in identifying and developing skills for non-traditional career paths. The return on investment will be almost immediate as our young people will become well paid tax paying citizens of SC.

Local Government Fund


I want the state to stop neglecting rural counties like Laurens and Greenwood as they have been the past 8 years by reducing appropriations to the Local Government Fund. 

 It calls for the state to give 4.5 percent of the previous year’s general fund budget to local governments to pay for state-mandated services, such as courts, road and bridge maintenance, and employee pension contributions. Counties get 83 percent of the money and municipalities, 17 percent. 

 Since 2009, counties have been shorted $354.8 million and municipalities are down $91.4 million.



 Tourism is South Carolina's biggest industry. Over $15 billion is brought into the state's economy by tourism, and tourism jobs account for over ten percent of the state's employment. 

Much of this revenue comes from our parks, beaches, trails, and lakes. we must do everything we can to maintain and preserve South Carolina's natural beauty.

I would support legislation to increase punishment for those who litter and pollute in our state.



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